Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Putin is just Khrushchev-lite (very lite)

Debunk Putin’s “return-Russia-to-great-power-status” sales pitch to Russians: compare to Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev who was infinitely more dangerous to the world than Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Khrushchev put IRBMs in Cuba that could have wiped out the last of US Strategic Air Command bases housing 750 B-52s without warning. IRBMs has already made our 1400 B-47s vulnerable to 10 minute knockout in bases that needed to be right up against the borders of our eleven time zone adversary, given the B-47's intermediate range.

Khrushchev threatened to take West Berlin — surrounded by East German territory and vulnerable to tens of thousands of Soviet tanks. Khrushchev materially supported the communist insurgency in Laos. Just to name a few hot spots. Khrushchev ran around the world fomenting any serious trouble for us that he could.

Khrushchev was a true believer. Russians say Khrushchev was a communist before he knew the communists would win.  Meaning Khrushchev meant well — he imagined he was fighting to free mankind from the oppression of capitalism.

Putin in his bid to revive (at least the feeling) of Russian the super power attempts to build influence in the Middle East by aiding the pipsqueak president of Syria carpet bomb his own country from end to end for five years, killing half a million Syrians in the process. The true believer would not have perpetrated that. Putin landed a couple hundred troops in troubled Venezuela to prop up a socialist dictator who was about to abscond to Cuba (why we didn’t land a couple of hundred troops to neutralize them I’ll never guess — oh, I forgot; Putin does have big time influence one place in the world, in Donald Trump’s White House, but that’s not something he accomplished, it was given freely to him).

Putin is just Russia's Al Capone.

Kompare Khrushchev's gigantic reality to Putin's pipsqueak's PR: debunk Putin in one-step.

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